Thursday, March 4, 2010

Idol Wrap-Up

BACK by "popular demand"! [No lie, I've gotten probably a dozen requests for this.] Let's talk Idol!

I felt hugely optimistic at the start for Season 9. I felt like there was an abundance of talent and I thought I'd have a hard time narrowing it down to my favorite 5 guys and 5 girls. It's been really, really easy.

For anyone who hasn't seen my Idol blogs before [I used to have a whole separate blog for it] I pick my top 5's based on the performances and potential, but I also go to iTunes and listen to clips of their recordings, because I think how they record is important. Then, I pretty much just talk about it.

So - here you go! [In alpha order]

Top 5 Guys:
Alex Lambert - I know. He had a REALLY rocky start, but I really, really love him. He is my Matt Giraud this season. I see SO much potential in him and I think he has an amazing voice. And he records beautifully. I am even willing to over-look his TERRIBLE "fashion mullet" haircut. Will someone please tell this kid there is nothing fashionable about a mullet?

Andrew Garcia - This guy has more talent in his pinky then most people have in their whole bodies. His song choice this week was...unfortunate. But, I still think he is one of the best. He is extremely unique and I get excited to see what he will "do" to a song.

Casey James - I have been rooting for him since day one. And although I am REALLY over them harping on how freaking cute he is [which he is] I still think he is super talented. This week's performance wasn't as strong, vocally, as we've seen him, but he is well rounded. He plays the heck out of the guitar and I really like his presence on the stage.

Lee Dewyze - I have a serious crush on this guy, for several reasons. He is really cute, has a sweet personality and MAN can he sing. I really love his tone. He reminds me a bit of David Cook, but I hope he'll be able to show case what's different too. I do think his style is a bit "taste specific" but, I love it.

Michael Lynche - I've been a "Big Mike" fan since the first moment he was on camera. I know this is a "singing competition" but I do think his contagious personality is important. I loved his song choice this week, because I think that's the musical avenue he does best.

Top 5 Girls:
Crystal Bowersox - I love this girl. I think she is just awesome. I think she has the pipes AND the chops for this business. And, who doesn't love a girl who can play the harp?! [By the way, that's harmonica for anyone who may not know.] I was so worried that her diabetes hospitalization would eliminate her from the competition...but she came through and really nailed it.

Didi Benami - Didi is kind of like Alex for me...I see SO much potential in her. I think she is a beautiful girl and I really like her voice...when she sings the right songs. This week, sadly, her song choice was soooo wrong. I just hope I'm not the only one who sees how great she could be.

Katelyn Epperly - I love her voice. It's so rich and natural. I know it was a really slow song choice last night, but I got lost in it, in a good way. She can get a little pitchy but I think as she works with voice coaches, she will be really great.

Katie Stevens - When she sings, I forget she is barely 17. She has really struggled with song choice, but I think its partly because she is so young and hasn't had much [if any] real experience. Regardless, I think she has so much raw talent and I see her going far in this competition.

Lilly Scott - I think Lilly Scott is a name we should all remember. I didn't love every vocal choice she made in her song last night, but over all, she never disappoints me. She always stays true to the kind of artist she wants to be and I really respect that. I don't think she has the most powerful voice of the girls, but its really different. I'm rooting for her...even if I do think her grayish-purple hair is weird.

So - what do YOU think?!

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  1. So I agree with you on each and every one of the guys and all but one of the girls. I am not a Didi fan. I think that Siobhan is better. And I can't forgive Didi for wearing an afghan sweater last week. I think that Andrew and Lee are probably my favorites overall. Thanks for sending me the link to be able to read your thoughts. I soooooooooo love Idol and I get really into it!! :) -Beth Merrell