Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idol Wrap-Up

I have to start this Idol Wrap-Up with the obvious elephant in the room. Miley Cyrus as the musical mentor?? Really?? I mean, I get that she is “current” to tweens, but what about the rest of us who watch?! Not ok, Idol.

On to the actual competition; I actually voted for 6 people last night, including one who is becoming a favorite that hadn’t been before:

Lee Dewyze – A lot of people out in the cyber world have compared him to David Cook and Danny Gokey. The raspy voice and adorable personality among the top reasons. But, I really do think he is good all on his own, without any comparisions needed. I loved his performance last night. I thought it showed some versatility and I actually really like the song choice.

Crystal Bowersox – I knew it was only a matter of time before she tackled a Janice Joplin song. She did well. I liked that she didn’t try to sing it like Janice did, she put her own [or apparently Pink’s] twist on it and I dug it. I also thought she showed more of her personality [which we’ve been missing] by asking Ryan to plop down on her carpet square with her for the interview.

Mike Lynche – Oh how I love me some Big Mike! He is the first legit R&B singer in YEARS. Probably since season 2, honestly. I know some of the judges think he dips too far into the Velveeta, but I think he is great.

Didi Benami – I am sticking by my girl Didi. I agreed that last night’s song was a bit cabaret, but I still love her vocally and I think she sang it well.

Casey James – I just think this guy is by far the best overall musician this season. He just looks at ease on stage. I think no matter how far he goes in this competition, he’ll be fine. I’d buy his album tomorrow.

Aaron Kelley – Here is my newbie. He proves himself more each week. I’m not a big Rascal Flatts fan, so when he was only channeling them, I wasn’t loving him. But he’s become more of his own performer and I like him more. I thought he sounded really good last night considering he has laryngitis.

On a separate note, since I’m still not over Alex going home…Can I just say, Siobhan’s weird Technicolor faux-hawk bouffant thing was just as horrible as Alex’s little “fashion mullet”.

Who should go home tonight? Paige or Tim. If I had to pick one? See ya Tim.

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  1. I love that you do an idol blog each week!! You're so funny! I agree with you on Aaron. I'm really starting to like him, even though he is a little timid and sometimes awkward. He has a wonderful voice, and I thought he did really well last night! I don't know though... Tim probably has a lot of young, female fans. I think it might be Paige tonight. She has sounded horrible the last few weeks. It's time.