Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Cooper!

This weekend, we welcomed a new family member into our home. A new kitty! Chloe is wonderful and we love her SO much, but she gets bored and lonely during the day while we are at work, which results in unrolling entire rolls of toilet paper, scattering anything left on the bedside table around the house and, worst of all, pulling her hair out! So, we got her a playmate. She is still not totally sure how she feels about this "intruder" but I think she'll warm up soon.

So -- Here is little Cooper! He a 10 month tabby/Maine Coon mix [probably]. He has medium length hair on his body with the size and coloring of a tabby but the "M" on his forehead and big bushy tail of a Maine Coon. He is tiny - only 6 lbs right now - and the foster Mom didn't think he'd get much bigger then 10 lbs full grown because he was a bit of a runt. His name was Sean for the first 9 1/2 months of his life, but we thought Cooper [or "Coop"] fit him better.

A blurry shot of his sweet little face:

He curls up like Chloe!

He loooves having his belly rubbed.

Look how tiny he is! Ryan calls him "our little ferret" :)

Welcome to the family Sean Cooper Naslund! :)

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