Thursday, April 28, 2011

Idol Wrap-Up

It was weird watching Idol last night without Stefano. I had several contestants I really liked, but I didn't have that same excitement or commitment to one person. It was also a weird Idol night because I have some positive opinions about a couple of contestants I've not really liked much this season.

Jacob - I am still a fan. But I can certainly understand why people are starting to grow tired of him. He is not for everyone. But I thought he did a great job last night and I totally agreed with the judges that it was great seeing him let loose on stage.

Lauren - My Mom is not going to be happy. She is probably going to read this as a Lauren bash, but I assure you all, it's not. I still really love her. I still think she has the most potential to be great of any girl, maybe even any contestant, this season. However, her young age is becoming more and more apparent. Poor girl is terrified of taking risks. I felt like her performance last night could have been so much more, if she'd just jumped over her fear.

Scotty - I am SO glad he changed it up a little. While it was still true to his country roots, I loved the "softer" side of his voice. And can I point out that he DID NOT hold his mic like a flute?! YAAAAY! ;)

James - I really loved the first 1/2 of this song. I loved hearing his beautiful voice singing totally a cappella. I wasn't as crazy about the second 1/2, mainly because I felt like this was going to be the song when we'd get a "shriek free" performance, but alas, we did not.

Casey - I am still a huge Casey fan. I still think he is incredibly talented. And I liked his performance last night. I loved the scating, loved the showmanship, loved the jazzy feel but I wish he'd do his angry-barky-growly thing a tad bit less. Maybe he's been spending too much time with the Queen of the Over-Growl? ;)

Haley - Speaking of Haley...STOP THE PRESSES! No one is going to believe this...but I actually enjoyed Haley last night. I LOVED her duet with Casey (though Casey had a lot to do with that) and I actually didn't hate her solo performance. I do think she had some trouble hearing herself, though. I'd still be okay with her going home tonight, but I think it will be Jacob.

(On a related note, I am LOVING The Voice.)

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