Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Idol Wrap-Up

Jacob – “Man In The Mirror”. First, I am a HUGE MJ fan, and this is one of my all time favorites from his discography. Second, Jacob did a really good job. And to have the lady who co-wrote it sing with him? Super cool.

Haley – “Piece of My Heart”.  I LOVE this song. But dudes, I’m sorry, I just don’t like her. I haven’t from the beginning. Ryan gets a weird vibe “from” her, and her growls bugs the crap out of me. So…there ya have it, haha.

Casey – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”. What a GREAT song choice for him. I loved it. And I LOVE when he plays his upright, and I totally agreed with judges – he’s making the upright cool!

Lauren – “Natural Woman”. To steal Randy’s phrase; she “slayed” it. I think she is incredible.

James – “Why My Guitar Gently Weeps”. In my top 10 favorites EVER. I think he did a really good job with it, though I could have done without the scream at the end. He was clearly very emotional during the song, and I think that always lends a lot to the performances. 

Scotty – “That’s Alright Mama”. He holds his mic like a flute, and that bugs me. But, I thought he sang it well and I loved seeing him kind of all over the stage, really putting on a show.

Pia – “River Deep Mountain High”. The minute I heard her say she was singing this I got really excited. I turned to Ryan and said “She’s gonna KILL IT!” Aaaand I was right. ;)

Stefano – “When A Man Loves A Woman”. Goodness gracious I LOVE HIM. I am a serious sucker for R&B and Soul…and this dude delivers. I would stand in line for his album today.

Paul – “Folsom Prison Blues”. YES, YES, YES, YES, YESSSS! I’ve been waiting and waiting for Paul to do something totally amazing (cause I could see he had it in him)…and this was it!!!!!

Seriously, I really liked everyone by Haley tonight!! Now…how do I ever decide who to vote for?!



  1. How can you not like Haley!? I get what you mean by the "weird" vibe. She is a little strange. But her Elton song last week was awesome!

    Pia has a really good voice but I think she is BORING.

    Stefano is such a cutie but i'm worried he might be the next one to go home. What do you think?

    And Paul....YES FINALLY! Johnny Cash kicks ass.

  2. PS- I love how our lives are so invested in this show! Hahaha