Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Fourteen

Describe 5 strengths you have.

This was really, really hard for me. Why was it so much easier for me to bang out my weaknesses? Not to mention, it makes me feel brag-y. Ryan had to help me…a lot.

-As I mentioned yesterday, I am SUPER sensitive. This is a weakness, but in some ways I feel it’s a strength as well. I have been told that my sensitivity makes me an extremely empathetic person, which will hopefully make me a good psychologist.

-“Beauty stuff.” That’s a direct quote from Ryan. He elaborated – “You know, hair, nails, make-up, all those braids you do.” God, I love this man. Is possible that he puts up with the copious amounts of makeup in the bedroom, my hair supplies all over the counter, and an entire shelf in the bathroom for nail polish because he thinks I’m GOOD at it? Right on. Hahaha.

-Ryan also says I’m a good listener and good at being there for people. This is something I’ve always HOPED I was good at…though sometimes I worry I fall short. He sweetly reminded me all the times I’ve dropped every thing for him or a friend or family member in need. It just feels natural to me – being there. I just think we should take care of our own, and as I’ve said a million times to people in my life – If you are in my “circle” (the imaginary bubble that ties people to my heart) then you are one of “my own”.

-I’m pretty good with kids. Ryan said he’d never met someone who wasn’t a mother yet that was as “natural” with kids. What a GIANT compliment from the father of my future children! He would go with me sometimes when I was still doing the nanny gig, so he witnessed it first hand. I considered it training for the most important job I’ll ever have. I hope I’ll actually be as good at it as Ryan thinks I am.

-I’m open-minded. In general, I am basically always open to listening to others views. On just about anything. Ryan said he also thinks I’m open-minded with music (I’ll give anything a chance), people (I can find beauty in just about every human), and learning (his example was that I am willing to listen to anything he wants to talk about, including what is traditionally “guy stuff” like cars and technology,). I like being open-minded. I feel it helps me become a well rounded person.  

By the end of the conversation discussing this blog post, I was in tears. It was kind of awesome hearing him name all the things he sees as my “strengths”. His list actually exceeded 5 – but I didn’t stop him. It was such a beautiful reminder after such a rough week that I might actually have some “great” to offer the world.  :)


  1. I agree with these 5 whole heartedly! I also think your strength is community involvement; not just talking about bettering the world, but DOing. So add that to Ryan's excess, too. And I'm very happy you have a wonderful man who realizes all of your strengths. :) Love you

    1. Oh, sweet Lindsay. You are so special to me. :) THANK YOU for your kind, generous words. Love YOU.