Friday, April 13, 2012

Day Twelve

Okay, so Day Twelve and I broke the rules. I had a REALLY bad attitude yesterday, and just didn’t have blogging me in. So, I am posting twice today to make up for it.

Describe a typical day in your current life.

It’s pretty mundane…
Alarm goes off at 6am.
Stumble into the bathroom to plug in the flat iron or whatever tool I am using to style my hair that day. (Sometimes it’s just a brush and a hair elastic. Those mornings are the ones when I hit snooze until 6:30.)
While that is heating up, I turn on NBC morning news and get a cup of coffee.
Do my hair.
Do my make-up while watching/listening to the Today Show.
Get dressed.
Pack up my food for the day. (I eat breakfast and lunch at work.)
I brush my teeth very last before walking out the door.
Drive to work (I leave around 7:40).
Work until 5pm (I’ll bore you with those details some other time.)
After 5pm is where it differs depending on the day:
M & W – Head home and do the normal home stuff. (Dinner, whatever chores need to be done, relax, shower, set-up coffee maker for the next morning, go to bed.)
Tues – Head home, scarf down dinner, go to class.
Thurs – Head home, do my weekly dinner with my brother.
Friday – Head to the organization where I volunteer!  

You are SO jealous of my life right now, aren’t you?

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