Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day Three

Day Three - Describe your relationship with your parents

I am a lucky, lucky girl. I kind of grew up in "Pleasantville". My childhood was amazing. I had the best, most loving and supportive parents ever. They were there for me, raised me right, encouraged me and loved me unconditionally.

I shouldn’t have used the past tense…they still do all of those things, just separately. When my parents divorced in 2006, things changed a bit with our relationship(s). I realized that my parents were REAL PEOPLE and even though they were/are amazing parents, they are also flawed and fragile just like the rest of us. And that can be a tough pill to swallow. Some distance grew between my Dad & I and suddenly I was worrying about my Mom the same way she’d worried about me all of my life. Things are much better now and I have a strong relationship with both of them, but those years were rocky and sometimes I still feel pulled between them, or miss “the good old days”. But I think that’s probably the case for most adults – we all have moments when we miss childhood.

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  1. So true, totally understand what you mean-my parents separated for a year and I know EXACTLY what ya mean