Friday, April 13, 2012

Day Thirteen

Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

Considering the attitude problem I’ve had this week, this will probably be an easy entry. Hahaha.

-I am tragically sensitive. I wear my heart fully exposed on my sleeve, and I feel EVERYTHING. I am constantly working on being a bit tougher.  

-Related – When I am feeling down or low, I tend to retreat. I shut myself off from the outside world and hide in my shell. Not my best quality – but it’s how I deal.  

-I’m a liiiittle obsessive about looking at my hair and makeup in the mirror and making sure they look okay. I am constantly fussing with my hair and touching up my makeup. I think it comes with me being self-conscious about my body, if I’m being totally honest. I think I over compensate by wanting perfection from the shoulders up to “distract” from the shoulders down. It would probably do me some good to take the “no mirrors challenge”. Maybe I should start by talking down the mirror that hangs next to my desk at work...
Is it ridiculous that I love seeing my silver "stripe" shinning bright in this pic?!
-Okay…this is a tough one to admit, but sometimes I am really bad about (UNINTENTIONALLY) interrupting or talking over people. I LOATHE that about myself and I’m working HARD on it.

-Time for a truthbomb. I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. My willpower is practically non-existent when it comes to food. That is definitely a giant weakness. It lends itself to #3. It’s a struggle I hope to conquer…someday. :)

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